DE Bike Paint Enhancement
DE Bike Paint Enhancement
DE Bike Paint Enhancement
DE Bike Paint Enhancement
DE Bike Paint Enhancement
DE Bike Paint Enhancement

DE Bike Paint Enhancement

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What's Included?

This package is well suited for newer bikes and for owners that are looking for a big visual improvement in gloss and shine.

We start off with a decontamination wash. Using a high-pressure cleaner with deionised water that is filtered through 4 stages, we thoroughly rinse the bike to remove the 1st level of contamination. The wheels and other intricate areas are chemically decontaminated. The bike is then foamed up and left to dwell to assist with the removal of dirt and grime. All the intricate and hard-reach areas that are often missed are then cleaned with various detailing brushes. Another high-pressure rinse is performed.

A safe wash procedure is then completed on the bike, which is again rinsed and then the chemical decontamination is done where Iron and Tar removers are used, rinsed, and followed by mechanical decontamination with a clay bar or mitt. The bike is dried with drying towels and compressed air and all the sensitive areas are taped up before the polishing process begins.

A single-stage paint enhancement polish is performed on the bike that removes light scratches and swirl marks, oxidation achieving up to a 60% improvement in the paint finish.

Duration: 2 days (Depending on bike size & condition)

+ Wheels Off Detail
R1 497.95

A part that is often overlooked is the wheels and inner arches of a vehicle. With this option we remove the wheels in order to get them thoroughly cleaned inside and out. While the wheels are off we spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the fender liners, suspension and brake components and other visible parts of the undercarriage.

+ Wheel Polish & Ceramic Coating
R 3 497.95

With this option we give your wheels a complete makeover. The cleaning process is followed by a polishing process that ensure the paint work is in the best possible condition before the ceramic coating is applied.

+ Glass Clean & Ceramic Coating
R 1 795.95

Do you want clean glass free of water spots that will make driving in the rain less stressful? By ceramic coating the glass we improve visibility in poor conditions like mist and rain by repelling the water off the surface making sure you can concentrate on the road ahead.

+ Ceramic Nano Guard
R 497.95

A perfect addition to the DE Superior Clean is our Ceramic Nano Guard. The infusion of Si02 and Nanotechnology gives your vehicle an insane hydrophobic water beading layer that can last for up to 3 months. We apply this to the paint, chrome, plastic, glass, metal, and protection film.

Ceramic Nano Guard works to clean, seal and protect the paint for the long term, thus making the surface very slick, hydrophobic, and UV protected.

+ Back to Black
R 1 897.95

Tired of old and faded black plastic trims? Look no further! By cleaning and applying DE Back to Black we revive the plastic trim giving them a good as new look.




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Depending on the state of the vehicle and options chosen we can be busy with your vehicle from anywhere from 5 hours to 5 days.

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