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Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD does not contain waxes or water-based silicones, like most other similar products. CERAMIC NANO GUARD contains a special blend of soaps and wetting agents plus a ceramic/ silica solution that leaves a very clean, sealed and protected surface.

This is a powerful 3-in-one product; a waterless car wash, paint sealant and silica maintenance spray combined into one powerful detailing product. When it comes to cleaning and surface protection, traditional quick detailers, waxes and silicone sealants cannot compare.  CERAMIC NANO GUARD’s superior cleaning and surface protection capabilities are the most versatile detailing product on the market.

CERAMIC NANO GUARD is actually a water-based cleaning product that seals and protects at the same time, but it does not require a water hose, traditional soap, a bucket or the mess that this process entails. Through a complex formulation of water, soaps, wetting agents and a ceramic/ SiO2 emulsification process, Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD is able to encapsulate, lubricate and dissolve the dirt particles and grime on contact.

The soft, microfibre towel soaks up 9 times its weight in water and easily pulls the dissolved and liquified dirt away from the surface, without scratching. Using a second microfibre towel, the remaining residue is gently and quickly buffed into an amazing shine before it dries. It is really as easy as it sounds.

Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD is a part of a new generation of detailing and cleaning products that use ceramic and nano technologies to achieve incredible levels of cleanliness, protection and shine that is not available in other popular detailing products.

The long-lasting protection of Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD and product performance is measured in terms of months, not weeks.

Not when used as directed. Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD dissolves the dirt and grime on contact and lifts it away from the vehicle’s surface without scratching or creating swirl marks.

Applying CERAMIC NANO GUARD on a hot soiled surface is a definite no.
Please Note: Extremely soiled, muddy or sandy vehicles must be well-cleaned and abrasive-free before using CERAMIC NANO GUARD.

CERAMIC NANO GUARD works to clean, seal and protect the paint for the long term, thus making the surface very slick, hydrophobic and UV protected. It creates an easy to maintain slick surface that sheets off water and looks amazing.

This is a very easy way for virtually anyone to maintain a classic car or a daily-driver.

Use Detail Ease CERAMIC NANO GUARD on solid surfaces, like glass, paint, stainless steel, chrome and plastic. Typically used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans and boats, but it can also be used to clean solid surfaces in the house, office or workplace.

Create a clean surface, with superior protection and a brilliant shine on almost any solid surface.

It depends where you live, the weather conditions, how much you drive, where you park and a host of other circumstances. Once per week to once per month is recommended.

For the best results, we recommend that you apply the product in the shade and to a cool/cold surface. This may mean early-morning or late-afternoon application or possibly indoors in a garage. It will all depend on your conditions and what is available at the time.

CERAMIC NANO GUARD cleans, seals and protects using gentle soaps and a very light solution of ceramic coating. This creates a very slick and hydrophobic surface that protects and repels dirt and rain water with ease. the vehicle will eventually get dirty, if not cleaned on a regular basis. CERAMIC NANO GUARD protects from harmful UV rays, pollution, water spots, bug or bird droppings and road grime, but it will not totally eliminate these from sticking to or harming your vehicle’s surface.

The best way is to remove any hard water, bug or bird droppings right away. The product won't fully repel dust, pollen and other tiny airborne contaminants, but CERAMIC NANO GUARD makes cleaning them off much easier and faster.

No. This is a cleaning, sealing and protection product. Please refer to our Scratch repair/removal product that we will be releasing CERAMIC NANO GUARD afterwards will protect your vehicle from further damage and bring less attention to any current imperfections already present in your car’s finish.

You can use CERAMIC NANO GUARD to remove light water spots created by rain drops that collected airborne dirt and dried on the surface. However, dried on mineral deposits, calcified hard water spots and acid rain damage are among the hardest residues to remove and may require a professional detailer to correct. We suggest removing all contaminants from the surface (water spots or otherwise) before applying the product for the first time. CERAMIC NANO GUARD WILL NOT prevent high calcium/ mineral/ water deposits from settling on your vehicle’s paint surface which causes those ugly water spots to form in the first place.

It will help sheet contaminated water off, but any kind of hard water sitting on the surface, should be cleaned off immediately and not be allowed to dry.

1 month, 2 months, up to 3 months. There are a number of factors that determine how long a coat of CERAMIC NANO GUARD will last. Depending on environmental factors (where you live, park and drive, etc.) the protective coating can last for up to 3 months.

For daily drivers or cars that see more highway and city driving, we recommend applying the product at least once per month to protect your vehicle. However, for the best-possible shine and protection, we recommend weekly application.